Wines made according to strict quality criteria that respect traditional local tastes


Zara was born out of a desire to rediscover ancient flavours.

A blend of Salamino (60%) and Ancellotta (40%) that gives it a strong character; theperfect link between the dry Lambrusco of yesteryear and the softer Lambrusco of today.

Zara Rosébud

Rosèbud 2021

Zara Rosébud is a rosé Lambrusco made from pure Salamino grapes (100%).

A fresh wine, an excellent alternative to reds during the summer period; it can be served as an aperitif but can also accompany the entire meal.

Zara White

Zara White is our first white Lambrusco!

From red Salamino grapes (100 per cent), the white vinification method produces a citrus wine with a slight amber tint.