Every year we are inspired by the harvest trend

Nüd e Crüd

Nüd e Crüd is a still wine, produced according to ancient criteria and in limited quantities.
The grapes are hand-picked from the ‘heads’ of the rows, those most exposed to the sun. Its colour is obtained by slow maceration on the skins without the addition of any concentrate.

Filtered in the vat with the cold of winter, by natural decantation, it is bottled with the first waning moon of spring.
The product obtained may differ from year to year, a natural expression of the vintage.

As it is… stark naked!

buşia - 2020

Malvasia is an aromatic white grape that is also harvested by hand and placed in small crates, leaving the bunches well spaced out to favour ventilation.

The boxes are placed in the old barn and left to dry for several months.

Drying reduces the volume of the grapes by increasing the concentration of sugars, which, after fermentation, turn into alcohol.

Pressing is done manually to extract only the first, sweeter juice. The result is a clean, warm wine with a pleasant, persistent aromatic note.

Buşia goes perfectly with baked pastries but is also appreciated on its own!


Innovation has transformed Buşia into Rigoletto!

Al Lücot

Al Lücot is a still wine, obtained from the red vinification of the Grappello Ruberti grape variety.

Once fermented, it is left to mature in steel for twelve months without any processing such as clarification or filtering: you get a product that is as natural as possible. 

At the bottling stage, no grafting is carried out for frothing.


Cento is a classic method pas dosé from Grappello Ruberti grapes, our company’s first bottle-fermented red wine.

Cento is an experiment that starts in 2020 and bears fruit today, in 2023, after years of testing and tasting.

It is the result of 12 months of resting on the lees, which give the wine a fresh flavour with notes of berries and a very pleasant final sour note.

The name celebrates our city Suzzara, which celebrates its centenary in 2023: the iconic clock tower on the label.