Visit our wine cellar

The winery is located near the main embankment of the Po River and was converted from a stable in 2008.

The winery is located near the main embankment of the Po River and was converted from a stable in 2008.

With the renovation, several changes were made to the structural parts with the exception of the ceiling. Maintaining the bays with exposed stonework has made it possible to preserve the rustic appearance and to respect tradition.

Today, the winery allows customers to taste its wines, with guided tours and tastings.

Guided tastings

It is possible to participate in wine tours led by winemaker Stefano Allegretti.

These meetings allow visitors to learn more about the quality of the cultivation soils, the grapes, the blends and the production processes implemented by the winery.

Market places

We are present

every 15 days



from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Garibaldi square


Porto Mantovano

from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Piazzale della Resistenza


At the edge of the vineyards of Corte Viazza, the Eurovelo 8 cycle path passes by.

The cycle route offers the opportunity to visit historical places surrounded by green landscapes; along the way there is the possibility of stopping in our courtyard for picnics and short stops.

Thanks to its favourable location, Corte Viazza allows visitors to enjoy pleasant experiences while supporting the local economy. 

On Thursday

Every Thursday evening, Corte Viazza organises aperitifs and tastings. During these convivial occasions, with poetic sunsets amidst the vineyards, you can enjoy the red, white and rosé wines from the cellar and the typical dishes of Mantuan cuisine used as accompaniments.

Evenings start regularly at 7 p.m. Reservations are appreciated to ensure optimal service.

Information on organised events will be visible on our Instagram (corteviazza) and Facebook platforms.

For reservations call:

Pietro Sivelli at +39 3703016926

Stefano Allegretti at +39 3382717332

Camper Area

For campers passing through, Corte Viazza provides a peaceful and serene environment in which to relax; after hours of driving, it is possible to stop in a colourful place surrounded by nature in the company of a glass of wine.

The camper van area is supplied with drinking water and can accommodate up to 8 campers.

The service is free of charge and operates during both day and night hours.

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