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produced each year while maintaining the same level of quality

Zara Red

Zara Red is the fruit a blend of Ancellotta, Salamino and Grappello Ruberti vinified with classic red maceration.

The resulting product is the Lambrusco par excellence, the cool bubble, the red ‘champagne’ that is never missing from the tables of Mantua and beyond.

Zara Master

Zara Master is not the classic lambrusco!

A different wine is produced from pure Maestri grapes, an Lambrusco with a good acid shoulder and a generous dry flavour.

Zara White 'Bolla Gialla'

Zara White ‘Bolla Gialla’ (100% Salamino) is the evolution of the white Lambrusco, Zara White.

An Extra Dry sparkling wine with a lower residual sugar content that is suitable for a pleasant aperitif in company and, if desired, for the entire meal.

Zara Wild

Zara Wild is produced from pure Grappello Ruberti grapes.

It is a Brut red sparkling wine characterised by a low residual sugar content that allows the exaltation of the aromas and flavours of the grape variety.