Agricultural holding and the territory

The Corte Viazza farm, located in the Mantuan OltrePo area, produces red, white and rosé Lambrusco wine from black grapes.

Ancellotta, Grappello Ruberti, Maestri, Salamino and a small amount of Malvasia are cultivated reaspecting the criteria of sustainability and integrated control and wisely used to exploit their specific properties.

The different types of grapes and the total internal control, both vineyards and of the winemaking process, gives Corte Viazza the opportunity to introduce innovation in the production of a wine that could be considered among the most traditional: the Company has developed over the years original products for a unique taste experiance.

Today, Corte Viazza promotes its IGP products throughout Italy and in the foreign countries with the help of industry expert in this area.


We put all our effort into the impovement of our products considering our customers’ needs and providing a complete service in accordance with tradition.


To defend our cultures we strictly apply the integrated pest management, a practice that provides reduction of the use of plant protection product. Our goal is to produce healty and environmentally friendly products. Il nostro obiettivo è ideare prodotti sani e rispettosi dell’ambiente.


From the coltivation of vineyards and their care to the blending of the mixed grapes, up the choice of the bottle and of the lable.

Our winery


The rooted cuttings are selected before planting to ensure quality and territoriality.


Our staff guarantees the highest professionalism and quality.

Field care

We work our land and vineyards with the utmost care and respect for nature, following the principles of integrated pest management.


Our grapes are processed as naturally as possible, creating wines that are representative of the region.


All field and grape processing operations are recorded in the cellar books.


The staff at Corte Viazza themselves study and design the wine labels.


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